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Unique team building in which your work tools make music!

Work machines, rubbish bins, pencils, cooking accessories... anything can be used to create music!

We are surrounded by instruments that were not necessarily designed for music but that can be used with ease and immediacy to create a rhythmic world, without any previous musical experience.

The creativity and the discovery of the sounds that emerge, stimulate team spirit and the understanding of newly discovered aspects of ourselves. The result is an explosion of energy and joy in the playing together of makeshift instruments and everyday objects, which actually form the foundations of the musical instruments of our time.


Suggest program (1st part):

  • Briefing: A brief introduction to the activity along with practical information.
  • Ice-breaker with body percussion, voice and boomwhakcers to release tensions in a joyful atmosphere and understand the keys to create an orchestra.
  • Creation of unconventional musical instruments with the stuff brought by the staff.
  • Series of rhythmic and musical games to understand the roles within the orchestra and develop listening and communication skills.
  • Division of the group into different sections and the distribution of musical roles within the orchestra and construction of the rhythm within each section of the orchestra.
  • Final performance with the union of the rhythms of each of the smaller musical sections.


Creation of a song by themselves (2nd part):

  • Division of the group into different sections. Each section will have 40 minutes to create a song which will be performed later in front of others.
  • Performances
  • Awards for the best teams
  • A final debriefing of the overall experience in order to highlight and discuss the fundamental skills that will be then transferred to the working team environment.


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