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ROCK-TRIBE BAND is the unique and never-seen show created for communication projects with the purpose of transferring a clear message in a very creative way through energy, involvement and the beauty of music.
Changing the text of a famous rock song (eg 'One Vision' of the Queen as in the video to your right), transforming it in accordance with the communication project and the message you want to transfer to the participants, which creates a overwhelming mix between Rock music and tribal rhythm of drums where people get totally involved in an experience that leaves the participants inexorably open mouthed.
Participants will be playing drums and percussion, singing the original text at the same time, accompanied by the melodic and overwhelming sound of electric guitar.
It's a format that comes out of classical music team building, entering the sphere of a designed training show where we do not play any song, but the song created and designed for the meeting.

This interactive and engaging experience will:

  • Develop team building in a unique way.
  • Demonstrate the positive effect each individual has on the team as a whole.
  • Transfer a training message in a very clear and creative way.
  • Relieve mental stress and emotional tension.
  • Encourage and promote better communication and listening.
  • Encourage participants to go beyond apparent personal limitations.
  • Transform a team of individuals into a united entity.



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