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Turn your team into a large body percussion orchestra!

The body is our most important musical and communicative tool. He never stops making rhythm and music at any time of the day: walking, typing on a keyboard, talking and even in deep sleep, in utter recklessness, our heart marks relentlessly the time of life.
Here it pops out one of the most important revelations in music: our body is spontaneously rhythmic!
We are in a bar, ordering a coffee and thinking about all the things to be accomplished by the end of the day. On the radio there is a song that we event don't like but, despite this, our foot starts to beat the tempo. It is instinctive, primal and, above all, natural.
Perhaps the intellect of a neophyte would not be able to steal the time or the basic rhythm of this song, but the body does it in an amazing and natural way.

Music is experienced through body movements and voice, energizing participants in a very funny and positive way, in addition to create team spirit with harmony and total synchronicity. The incredible end result will be a great rock, pop or ethnic song performed just through the use of body and voice! 

It is an ideal activity to create team spirit in a short time through a performance of a melodic symphony or a song during conventions, conferences, galas, congress, conventions, fairs, festivals and corporate dinners.

The format can last from 5 to 30 minutes and it can happen:

  • at the begininnig of a meeting to energize delegates and create team spirit and motivation, even in situation in which people meet one another for the first time.
  • During the breaks to revitalize mental energy and help improving better communication and listening.
  • At  the end of a meeting to celebrate the achivement of the goal.


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