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Team building & Experiential training to empower your work team through the unifying power of rythym!


Creating "in the moment" music together with the help of the facilitator, cooperation and fluidity are naturally developed, which in turn unlocks the key to new understanding to further improve group functioning and dynamics.
The drum circle is used as a metaphor to overcome the obstacles, that stand in the way of the team reaching their maximum potential, developing closer relationships within the group and this will have a positive influence on the working environment for weeks to follow.

In a one hour program this interactive and engaging experience will:

  • Develop team building in a unique way.
  • Stimulate creativity and promote cooperation between participants.
  • Demonstrate the positive effect each individual has on the team as a whole.
  • Relieve mental stress and emotional tension.
  • Encourage and promote better communication and listening.
  • Encourage participants to go beyond apparent personal limitations.
  • Transform a team of individuals into a united entity.

The corporate drum circle is a training event, that is requested by companies in order to enhance specific skills with a particular objective in mind.

Here are some examples of the most common requests:

  • Leadership: to enhance leadership skills and improve the management of human resources.
  • Team Building: to deepen realtionships between collegues and bring groups closer together.
  • Incentive: to create motivation for new projects and strategies.
  • Change Management: to easily facilitate changes and transformations within an organisation.
  • Conventions & Meetings: to create a dynamic environment, revitalizing mental energy and creating team spirit and motivation.
  • Corporate Wellbeing: to relieve mental stress and emotional tension, in a joyful group environment.
  • Effective Communication: to encourage greater listening and communication skills between people, creating better relationships within the team.
  • Creativity: to enhance creativity, both on an individual basis and within a team framework: Team Creativity
  • Celebration: to celebrate the spirit of business community or to celebrate achievements of objectives and targets.



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