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We develop and run experiential training courses through the power of rhythm and sound; carefully accompanying the client throughout all the following phases of planning and development of the event:

  • Analysis of the training needs: research and sharing of the skills that are to be developed in partnership with the company, analysis of the corporate culture in order to clearly define any metaphors to be used within the training. Analysis of purposes: knowledge, responsibility, capacity, attitudes, issues, expectations and fears.


  • Planning: Identifying the metaphor that will provide the main theme for the training. Organization of the most suitable course structure and content; identification of the venue and duration of the course.


  • Start up: presentation of the experiential techniques, training objectives and of the metaphor that will be used.


  • Warm Up: ice-breaker allowing the participants to better get to know each other, enabling them to feel open and free to fully express themselves throughout the rest of the core activities, overcoming any embarrassment or fear they may feel towards a new experience.  Also enabling the trainer to get to know each of the participants and the group better.


  • Briefing: presentation of the activities to be carried out along with related practical information.


  • Playing: musical activities and experience.


  • Debriefing: exchange of feedback, comparison and discussion regarding the overall experience.


  • Carry over: identification of the mental strategies and principles learned that could be transferred into the professional role.


  • Follow up: A follow up after some time discussing the success of the event and a potential development plan with group or individual coaching.



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